Help the homeless during the Coronavirus crisis

I had written a song called 'Home' for American Dreams, it was dedicated to draw attention to the homeless crisis in America. The homeless remain at elevated risk of Covid-19, as well as almost all other health problems. Here…

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MemoryMoog Twiddly Bits...

The 1986 MemoryMoog Plus is adding a lot of texture to the American Dreams album!  Analog synths have their own place in developing a sonic landscape for the band.




American Dreams - Line-up

In addition to the band (Rob Shinno, Don Bowman, Mike McQuilken, Max Zape and Nathan Brown), we are pleased to announce for following guest artists:

1) Rebecca Jade - Rebecca Jade has performed with the most sought-after musicians and at…

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Maz Zape is back for American Dreams

Max Zape has re-joined Hemisphere for the American Dreams album! We have the original line-up + Michael McQuilken on drums + Tommy Aros, Rebecca Jade and Gilbert C Castellanos as guest artists, so exciting!

Transmission 2.0

Sometimes re-working old material can be fun!  We are taking the messaging of our original song Transmission to the next level for the new album.  Updated musically, it feels new and fresh, with a modern twist on the lyrical message…

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