Rob Shinno - Anthology

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Anthology Release

Rob Shinno. Mike McQuilken and Don Bowman from Hemisphere are pleased to announce the release of ‘Anthology’ a Blu-ray disc that is a compilation from 35 years of composition and performing with live video, off-beat fun facts and 16 songs re-mastered from 6 album releases (a USB version is also available that let’s your download the material to other devices). 

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Digital streaming copies can be purchased at  Within 30 days the audio tracks on ‘Anthology’ will be available on over 50+ streaming sites, including iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, SoundCloud and every other major streaming site.

Hemisphere is currently in production for a new live show to support the American Dreams album that is targeted  to drop July 1st, 2020.  The show will feature all new material, as well as some nuggets from the 2018 Anthology Blu-ray and streaming release.  

Thanks for your time and consideration and I hope you will enjoy ‘Anthology’.

Believe in Yourself, Believe in a New World!

Love, Rob, Mike, Don, Richard and Nathan of Hemisphere