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We are very excited to announce the new planned release date for the 'American Dreams' album - October 1st 2020!

American Dreams will be a new direction for the band, showcasing vocals from Don Bowman, Rebecca Jade, Leonard Patton and Rob Shinno. The band features Don Bowman on Vocals and Sax, Mike McQuilken on Drums, Nathan Brown  on Bass and Max Zape on Keys and Rob Shinno on Guitar and Vocorder. 

Special guests include Tommy Aros (Fattburger), backing vocals from Rebecca Jade, Leonard Patton as well as a rocked out guitar solo from Joey Harris!

A special virtual live show of the album will feature the new album new material as well as previous Hemisphere material. 

Often incorporating multimedia and visual effects into his live shows, Rob is very excited about the 'American Dreams' project! The album will stream World-wide on over 60 music platforms.  In addition, a special collectors CD will be available with a full 12 page pamphlet of liner notes, images and lyrics.  The album theme is built around taking you on a journey of Unity, Diversity and Strength, delivered thru 10 tracks of rock, pop, ballads and jazz! 

Thanks for visiting the site, Believe in  Yourself, Believe in a New World! – Love Rob


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