New Rob Shinno 'Anthology' highlights 35 years of beautiful, distinctive music Rob Shinno is a driven, direct, and passionate artist with a special vibe. His music (has) plenty lot of heart and personality, and in particular, it denotes his wide-ranging approach to modern jazz. Shinno has a natural tone, which highlights his musicianship and skills as a performer and arranger Rob recently released a new album that's sort of a celebration of his best songs, Rob Shinno Anthology. This release serves as a beautiful retrospective on the artist's work, showcasing his distinctive style and sound from 35 years in the business including with bands such as Hemisphere, New Continent and UnCommon Ground. The sound of this release is spacious, soothing and smooth, tipping the hat off to the best contemporary jazz. On songs like "Upstream," it is quite easy to see how well Shinno channels different influences, and on tracks like "West Coast Shuffle," he is also keen on exploring his more playful style. From New Age to electronica, Shinno shows the mastery of his craft.” - Lois Gilbert

(with 'River of Life') a dazzling new artist has blazed onto the music scene...” - Fred Bastini

— Uptown Magazine

Rob delivers and unprecedented effort on his debut album 'River of Life'... with constant purity, expertise and charisma, Shinn (AKA Rob Shinno) opens a new light in the field of jazz.” - Tom Herald

— Nightlife Magazine

...Hemisphere takes a global approach, combining Contemporary, New Age and Latin elements flawlessly...” - Marcia Manna

— Entertainer Magazine

...Rob Shinn and company twist and careen around lush jazz orchestrations, tickling you with touches of Pop, soothing you with New Age ambience, and heating you up with Latin and Funk rhythms...” - Cakewalk Software

— Cakewalk Reviews

...Hemisphere takes a global approach, combining Contemporary, New Age and Latin elements flawlessly... ” - Bobby Speed

— Vision Magazine

Rob Shinn and his San Diego band Hemisphere are worth listening to... Shinn's new release Blue Planet Dreams is uplifting Contemporary Jazz filled with optimism... Shinn's Dreams is a global refreshment.”

— Center Stage Magazine

Rob Shinn and Hemisphere... (the band's) style has been described as Contemporary Jazz contrasting the hints of Latin and New Age influences, combining live visual effects, punctuated with crisp rhythmic percussion heard in Latin music.... his sounds alternatively bounce and pop, then swirl and eddy, capturing the powerful spirit of pop-jazz one moment, then lazy introspection the next... ”

— Music Visions

On Top of the World - Rob Shinn's latest project may be considered Contemporary Jazz, but his new album has the San Diego composer and performer effortlessly flirting with the blues...” - Lori Arnold

— The Weekend

Hemisphere Sets the World on Its Ear... Shinn's own spin on his music has not wavered. Both latest releases have a decidedly "optimistic" feel which he believes is harder to write that '"deep," "dark" pieces... Co-writer Don Bowman, trained at Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music, has helped Shinn broaden the musical scope he had previously used... which Shinn is grateful for. "Don refined what was being done, adding finesse to the music.". ” - Armando Carranza

— Update Magazine

While reclining on the warm sand, feasting your eyes on the ocean view, fill your ears with the enchanting orchestrations of openly gay guitarist Rob Shinn and his band Hemisphere. The quintet's 10 song release Blue Planet Dreams is as emotionally soothing as a week's stay at Club Med... with a smoother newer sound combined with crisp percussion... this album just begs to be played in it's entirety...” - Greg Wear / Nigel Mayer

— San Diego Gay and Lesbian Times