It’s been a while since Hemisphere passed through the airwaves of the office, I’d almost forgotten how gloriously joyous, upbeat, and generally life-affirming their music was. Almost. It was American Dreams that first introduced me to a sound that I described variously as wide-ranging, eclectic, funky and timeless. And Unity is still all of those things…and perhaps more. It is an album which seems to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Steely Dan, a band who similarly favoured virtuosity over all things, who ranged through everything from jazz to rock to folk to funk to…well, anything that took their fancy, to make musical magic.” - David Franklin


A post-modern take on pop gives Hemisphere a timeless, almost Stereolab-like quality in terms of execution. ...Their commanding presence feels absolutely incredible to behold. Letting things expand up into the infinite further adds to the captivating quality. Impeccable storytelling with a poetic flair ensures that the listener is drawn further and further into their carefully crafted world. ”

Beach Sloth

Hemisphere does that rarest of things – make music which is both eclectic and controlled. The former term is generally applied to music which is wild and wide-ranging, the latter to music which is “in the pocket,” as the saying goes. The result is fascinating mainly because it doesn’t really fit neatly into any genre or scene, doesn’t follow any fad or fashion. Neither does it sound as if it belongs necessarily to the past nor the future. Maybe that is what they call timeless music. And timeless music is not a bad badge to wear on your sleeves.” - Dave Franklin


The expressive and evocative vocal performance in the release recalls the likes of Morrissey, David Bowie, and Depeche Mode, to mention but a few iconic acts. In the chorus, the female backing vocals add a textural layer that makes the poignant lyrics punchy and memorable.”


A rich luxurious sound, Hemisphere crafts an all-encompassing reassuring world with the optimism of “American Dreams”. Jazz, dance rock, nicely embedded within a pop template results in a hybrid approach. Everything goes for a smooth urbane vibe featuring lyrics that go for a spirit of hope and togetherness. References to their lush sound would be the intrepid exploratory jazz-rock fusion of Steely Dan. Unlike Steely Dan though there is a kindness to the whole of the album. Instrumentally rich, they incorporate horns, gentle bass lines, and glowing keyboards. Vocals tie all of it together featuring lyricism that absolutely pops with joy.”

Beach Sloth

From the well balanced mix and creative composition, to the authentic vocal performance, fans of Hemisphere, as well as those who appreciate new and creative music, will definitely want to hear this single (Transmission from American Dreams). ”


This disc is quite interesting. It's perhaps not all progressive rock, but it's almost all jazz rock. Then add in the fact that there is a lot of prog sprinkled throughout, and this really fits under that progressive rock heading... it is a very strong and intriguing set of music.” - Gary Hill

Music Street Journal

Representing the same principles that brought them together, Hemisphere uses their musical talents to bring humanity together. Comprised of musical veterans Rob Shinno, Mike McQuilken, Don Bowman, Max Zape, and Nathan Brown, Hemisphere fuses elements of jazz, metal, pop, and rock into a broader terrain for an incredible sound. The group often promotes messages of diversity, equality, and unity into their music.”


Any album which comes bundling into earshot with such a blast of euphoria and energy, such passion and joy is going to grab your attention right from the world go. No tricks, no gimmicks, just getting right on with the job at hand. The job at hand in this case being to make sassy blends of rock, pop, jazz and no shortage of latin groove and Caribbean cool It’s a job that they are masters of. Whilst promoting ideas of unity and understanding, as well as celebrating the diversity that we find in each other both as individuals and also culturally speaking, American Dreams is gorgeous collection of tumbling textures and ever-changing soundscapes. But its real selling point is that it always opts for the upbeat and the energised path.” - Dave Franklin