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Charting at #131 on the NACC American Radio charts - on rotation on over 65+ stations in the US! 

#25 on the APD Top 50 Rock Albums of 2022!

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Blue Sky 

Rebel Rebel 

Bring the Magic Back 

Mr. Moonbeam 

Open Your Eyes

Younger Days 

The One 

Laura in the Moonlight 

Find Your Way Home 


Power to the People

The Unity album is here:

It’s the second album in the ‘American Dreams’ trilogy (Power to the People comes out in 2026) The album features a live string quartet, as well as some of San Diego’s finest talent as guest artists. 
Hemisphere performed the album concert titled ‘ART+DANCE’ at Humphrey’s Backstage, October 22nd! Look for our new Unity album videos starting Nov 1st 2022 with the release of 'Open Your Eyes' streaming on YouTube!

Hemisphere is: 
Rob Shinno - Lyrics, Guitar, Vocorder, Vocals 
Don Bowman – Vocals, Lyrics, Sax, Arrangements 
Michael McQuilken – Drums 
Max Zape – Keys, Soundscapes 
Nathan Brown – Bass and Groove 

Produced by Rob Shinno 
Arrangements, Engineering and Mix by Peter Sprague 
Mastered by Bernie Grundmann 
Special thanks to our guest artists: 
Rebecca Jade - Backing vocals and solos 
Leonard Patton - Backing vocals 
Janet Hammer – Backing vocals 
Janice Edwards – Backing vocals 
Donna Larsen - Backing vocals 
Allison Adams Tucker – Backing Vocals 
Peter Sprague – Guitar solo on ‘The One’ and string arrangements 
Tommy Aros - Percussion 
Chris Klich - Sax 
Paul Seaforth - Trumpet 
Jason Tipp - Keys 
Artwork - Corey Johnston 
Video - Sam Sprague