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This site is the home for Rob Shinno's Hemisphere, the current band of Rob Shinno, Mike McQuilken, Don Bowman, Max Zape, and Nathan Brown.  Rob has been performing live since the age of 14, from Rock, to Pop, New Age, Contemporary Jazz and Electonica over the years.  According to Entertainer Magazine, "Hemisphere takes a global approach, combining Contemporary, New Age and Latin elements flawlessly...".

Rob and the band are currently in production for a new live show to support the 'American Dreams' album that is targeted for release in late 2020.  American Dreams will be a new direction for the band, showcasing vocals from Don Bowman and Rob Shinno. Live shows will feature the new album new material as well as material from the 2018 Anthology Blu-ray and streaming release.  2020 also celebrates the 30 year anniversary of the album ‘Information Age’ to be re-issued on CD and world-wide streaming. 

Rob released the Blu-ray 'Anthology' in January 2019, a compilation from 35 years of composition and performing with live video, off-beat fun facts and 16 songs re-mastered from 6 album releases (USB version also available). 

Often incorporating multimedia and visual effects into his live shows, Rob is very excited about the 'American Dreams' project! The current plans include new material developed specifically for the show and videos for YouTube and world-wide distribution.  Please visit the other pages of the site to learn more about the band, order 'Anthology' as well as the dates planned for the availability of previous released material. 

Thanks for visiting the site, Believe in  Yourself, Believe in a New World! – Love Rob

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