Released October 1st, 2020

American Dreams


'(American Dreams)... is fascinating mainly because it doesn’t really fit neatly into any genre or scene, doesn’t follow any fad or fashion. Neither does it sound as if it belongs necessarily to the past nor the future. Maybe that is what they call timeless music. And timeless music is not a bad badge to wear on your sleeves.'

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What Reviewers are saying...

"A post-modern take on pop gives Hemisphere a timeless, almost Stereolab-like quality in terms of execution." 

"Halfway through we get a Pink Floyd-esque breakdown and outro that is indulgent and inspiring at the same time! "

"From neon-hued synthesizers bubbling over to well-placed samples, the entirety of the piece has a balance to it." 

"Hemisphere is a band that knows how to pull off great songwriting that is peppered with experimental and progressive ideas. 'Transmission' is a track that you'll be jamming along to in no time at all. Check it out!"

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