San Diego Music Awards - World Music Album of the Year 2020

American Dreams Nominated for Album of the Year from the San Diego Music Awards

San Diego Music Awards nominee for Album of the Year, Hemisphere draws on rock, pop, jazz, fusion, and metal for inspiration. Their new album American Dreams includes guest players such as Grammy winning percussionist Tommy Aros (Fattburger), singer Rebecca Jade (2020 SDMA Artist of the Year), singer-trumpeter Leonard Patton, trumpeter Derek Cannon, and guitar soloist Patrick Yandall. “If you listen to the end of the opening track ‘America,’ you get the sense of unity, diversity, and equality that we are hoping to convey on the album,” says band founder Rob Shinno. “From there, you get right into the track ‘Dance Club,’ which speaks to diversity and inclusion for marginalized groups. We all have someplace we go to feel comfortable and relaxed, regardless of our views or differences.” The first single “Transmission” concerns the influence of social media. “If you really break it down, there is a different dynamic to stating an opinion online and having a real conversation with someone. Whether it’s about a specific topic, or in some relationship, it’s so much healthier to have the conversation than a one-way communication. We can all get along if we are willing to communicate.” A collectors CD edition is available with a 16 page pamphlet of liner notes, images, and lyrics.