The 'Unity' album recordings

Some picts from this weekend's session, I was going to take the day off but here they are... a magical time at Spragueland studios, the Unity album drops WW July 1st 2022 with Tinderbox Music!

We are so excited to share it with the world, more updates coming soon (including our two night album show at Humphreys)! 

The band: Don Bowman, Mike McQuilken, Max Zape, Nathan Brown, Rob Shinno 

Unity album guest artists: 

Vocalists: Leonard Patton, Rebecca Jade, Janet Hammer, Donna Larsen and Janice Edwards 

Horns: Paul Seaforth and Chris Klich 

Percussion: Tommy Aros 

Keys: Jayson Tipp 

String arrangements: Peter Sprague 

Strings: Spragueland String Quartet 

More to come... : )


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